Assignments Sophomores


In case you haven't noticed, this sophomore class ROCKS! What a great group of students!

I have given the following link for owl@purdue to the students as one of the best go-to pages for help with just about any English language issue you can think of! Try it out smiley

 **Sophomores have begun RESEARCH PAPERS/PROJECTs. Parents: please be prepared to help keep your student on TRACK and on TASK! This can be overwhelming for some of them. 

Here is a copy of the research syllabus:


Fenn 1

Student name

Per. 6

Mrs. Fenn

2/5/18 or February 5, 2018


Beginning of paper_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

         Sophomore Class

         Writing to Inform

                 Research Paper/Project Syllabus


Research began:  February 5th—final papers will be due

Monday April 9th (could possibly change); projects begin Wednesday April 11th                

We will go through this process step-by-step; we will review (from last year) components of the research paper. 

The following will be the required due dates for various elements:

Topic choice: Monday February 12th –25 pts. COMPLETED

Source cardsFriday February 23rd (40 points, or 10 points per properly formatted card). Minimum of 4 sources; 2 may be electronic sources, 2 MUST be print or other type of source!  Follow source card set-up from the Writer’s Craft book page 279 and/or research manual. COMPLETED

Note cards Friday March 23rd (minimum—40 cards = 40 points; less 2 pts. (Yes, 2) each below required number). Up to 10 points extra credit may be earned beyond 50 cards. Outline also due  Friday March 23rd  (30 pts.IN PROCESS

Rough draft: Thursday March 29th (100 pts. PLUS 25 pts. for correctly formatted Works Cited page attached)  NOTE: ALL 4 PAGES OF THE PAPER ARE DUE IN THE ROUGH DRAFT plus the Works Cited page. Mrs. Fenn will peruse the first 1-2 pages of the rough draft, making suggestions for improvement, marking items for corrections, etc. so that you may then examine in detail for further corrections. 

NOTE: not every possible correction will be marked on the rough draft!  This is not Mrs. Fenn’s paper, it is YOURS!!  Read it, revise it—at least 7 times—have someone else read it, then re-read and edit it for final presentation.  Use your comma rules, Writer’s Craft, owl@purdue, and any other resource you have to check for six-traits elements, format, documentation, outline, and works cited page.  Remember: writing a paper,leaving it alone for several hours up to a couple of days, then re-reading it, will reveal many problems and glitches you can’t find if you write it the night before it’s due.


Fenn 2

Final draft (4 pages minimum):  Monday April 9th. = 200 pts. (subject to change!)

**All point values are approximate and could change!!


WARNING! Due dates are closer than they appear


This paper is set with 1” margins! They are this far from the paper’s edge and no more or less.  Keep them at 1”.  **Some computers may require that you manually change the page set-up for 1”. The upper right hand corner of this paper is an example of pagination required on each page of the document.  Left hand corner is 1st page set-up onlyNo cover/title page is needed—or wanted!


All drafts are to be double spaced—ONLY!! You will NEVER have anything more than doubled spaced or LESS than double spaced.  This means the space between each line.


**This is Times New Roman 12 point, which is the commonly used MLA font and size.  USE IT!

PROJECTS:  (Points not yet determined) These will begin Wednesday April 11th and will be the luck of the draw!  Be prepared.  Students will do a presentation or other audio/visual representing the information from the research.  The classroom is equipped with a computer and projector for the purpose of the presentations if student chooses a PowerPoint or other electronic presentation



REMEMBER:  Each element of the research paper is due on its due date during YOUR CLASS PERIOD.  It is late if turned in ANYTIME AFTER THAT CLASS.  P E R I O D.  For each day it is turned in late, that portion will lose 10 percent per day!  The final copy will lose 5 points per day.  Make up for late project presentations will cost you 5 points per day unless you have been abducted by extra-terrestrial beings, pirates who have taken you captive on the Black Pearl to the edge of the world, or you are participating in the Sanfermin wearing only a bikini or speedos, and flip-flops!


This is a 9-week project, plus the week for the presentation.  There should be NO reason for anything to be LATE!



On April 2nd  we will begin our last book, Tangerine. It's a super-easy read, but GREAT for class discussion. I save it for this time of year as a kind of reward for their hard work!

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