Rules and Procedures

Mrs. Fenn’s English Class


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1.     Please—be on time!

2.    When the bell rings at the end of the class period, it is Mrs. Fenn’s signal that the class is to be dismissed—not yours!  Do not get up and leave until you are dismissed or stand around packed up ready to go.

3.    ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE TO BE TURNED OFF AND PLACED ON DESKTOP; when leaving the classroom, leave them with me.

4.     Assignments will (usually) be on east white board. Some days might require you to get either a Literature         or Writer’s Craft book—please check before going to your seat to avoid wasting time!

5.     **Please let Mrs. Fenn know as far in advance as possible to obtain necessary work for day(s) you will be out of class. **Away sports—you must turn in work due that day BEFORE you leave. Likewise, ask for work if you will be gone. This is school policy!

6..     **When you are absent without notice, it is your responsibility to check for missed workSports—turn in and/or get assignments before you leave for a game.

7.     All ON TIME work is placed in the appropriate homework tray; late work: please write WHY it is late on it and put it in the late work tray on my mini fridge. Late work will not be accepted one week past the original date due and will lose points for each day late. No late work accepted on long-term assignments.

8.     If you finish assignments, tests, quizzes, or other class work before the end of class, HAVE something TO READ. Talking/art is not ENGLISH class work and is not acceptable.

9.     All papers will be headed on the top left side as follows (EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE DIRECTED): 




       Assignment/Page—not always needed, like if it is something I've printed off, but book assignments, 

    journals, and such.  

10.     If regurgitation (puking, vomiting, etc.) is eminent—head for the nearest trash can or bathroom, PLEASE! Flatulence—JUST GO OUTSIDE if you know it’s going to disrupt!!

11.   Book report forms are the ONLY regular extra credit, so READING = more points. 

12.  Water bottles with lids only.  No other drinks or food permitted (per school rules).

Addtional items added by students on their papers

1. Gum chewing is allowed, but PLEASE put it and the wrappers in the trash can when you are finished with it.

2. DO NOT turn in assignments with "paper poopies" on the paper. It will be returned to you for clean up and may cause loss of points if it is late! 

~ Please SAVE this paper!